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As no woman has just one side to her personal style, we aim to bring together the different facets of your unique personality into beautiful, natural clothing that makes you feel powerful and beautiful. We focus on silhouettes that balance between strong and feminine, edgy and sophisticated. What you wear matters. Clothing gives you the unique opportunity to express your personality and truest self on a daily basis.

About the Designer

Hailey George is a Portland, Oregon based designer who draws her inspiration primarily from nature, incorporating organic elements into her designs as much as possible in order to connect fashion with nature in a very real way. Hailey believes that fashion should be more than just the clothing that you wear; it’s an extension of your personality and a wearable art form. She believes fashion should be about creativity, self-expression and experiencing the clothing that you wear. Through Violet Solstice, Hailey George creates sustainable, contemporary women’s apparel that brings style, spirit and nature together in harmony. She hand dyes textiles with plants, flowers and natural dyes to truly bring nature into her designs

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